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 Gmail cookies stealing

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Hacker iam
Hacker iam

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Gmail cookies stealing Empty
PostSubject: Gmail cookies stealing   Gmail cookies stealing I_icon_minitime28/08/11, 01:58 pm

Gmail cookies stealing Cookie-stealing1

Gmail usually stores its session authentication information in cookie named
“GX”. This cookie is used by Gmail to verify and authenticate the user.
Thus, the user will be given access to Gmail account depending on the
cookie he has. So, if you have access to victim account’s cookie and if
you inject this cookie in your browser, Gmail will give you the access
to victim account. Thus, you will be able to hack Gmail account.

Note: Our main goal here is to capture Gmail GX cookie and insert it into own system. We can only capture cookie when someone is login on his gmail, because cookie destroy with sign out.

Let's do it practically:(try in on ur own system)

1. To steal Cookie Install Cookie Editor firefox addon on victim computer.

Note: This cookie editor works with Firefox 1.0 - 3.6.... ask me if u dont have old version.

2. Now, go to Tools > Cookie Editor, and search for cookie named GX... and copy its content.

Gmail cookies stealing Edit_cookie

3. Now go to ur own system... install cookie editor firefox addon, login
from ur own gmail.... and using 2 step above search for cookie GX.....
and click edit button.

4. Now in cookie editor window, replace the content of your GX cookie with the stolen cookie content.

5. Now login with gmail, you will get access of victim account.

Note: If victim is using secure connection, then gmail saves cookie in
encrypted from, in this case if u steal cookie, even then also it won't

To know more about Cookie stealing, Keep on visiting...
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Ali D Hacker

Ali D Hacker

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Gmail cookies stealing Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gmail cookies stealing   Gmail cookies stealing I_icon_minitime25/09/11, 10:34 am

how to get victim's cookie to replace that in to cookie editor?
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Gmail cookies stealing

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